Imported MIDI playback latency

Hi, guys!
I am used to importing drums and bass MIDI tracks written in [another app] in Cubase and record live guitars and vocals on top. This always worked in an [earlier version] of Cubase. After I did the same thing in my newly acquired Cubase 10 Pro, the imported tracks are played back with a latency of about half a beat, although I can see the MIDI scores being right on the beat.
Any suggestions how to solve the above issue would be highly appreciated!

P.S. [another app] and [earlier version] are used instead of their equivalents because, when I tried to post the same topic with the their names, I got it banned on the grounds of “The reported message has the only purpose to advertise for a website or another product…”, although this was clearly not the case, as there was no website referenced and the “another product” is completely different by function and desing from Cubase … and I don’t suppose an earlier version of Cubase itself and which is not longer available is a competitive product either. I will try and stay positive by not commenting any further on the above, but I will say that much: if this is the support I get for spending a serious amount of money on the pro version of completely legitimate software, then we all have a big, big problem …

Hi and welcome,

Where are the MIDI Tracks routed to? Do you use HALion Sonic SE? Or do you use Instrument Tracks? What Audio Device do you use in that case?