Imported MIDI tracks reverting to "Acoustic Piano" on load

Hi guys, I’m hoping someone can clear up this small but frustrating problem I can’t seem to solve. I’ve imported two MIDI tracks from Guitar Pro 6 into Cubase 7. I routed both tracks to Halionsonic SE and it set the default program for both to “Acoustic Grand Piano”. Every time I would play the MIDI track from the beginning it would change the program setting back to the Grand Piano. I figured out how to fix this by going to the MIDI List Editor and erasing the “Program Change” tag at the beginning of each track. After that I edited each track to my liking in Halionsonic, saved my project and exited.

The next time I loaded my project I noticed Halionsonic/Cubase had reset both tracks back to the Acoustic Grand Piano setting and all of my program settings were gone. To remedy this I recreated my custom settings for each track and then set them as a custom track preset. I thought this would fix the problem but it hasn’t gone away. Every time I load my project each MIDI track still plays as an Acoustic Grand Piano until I load my track preset. I went back to the List Editor for each MIDI and noticed there’s an Acoustic Piano slider on the bar/beat measure near the top of the screen. Is this what’s causing my program’s to reset every time I load the project? I can’t find a way to rid of it.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or is my only option to get the sound I want out of Halionsonic and the bounce to audio?

Why multiple posts? :confused: