Imported MIDI - Whacky Playback

I’ve imported MIDI from my DAW which is not exactly hard quantized. But I did some cleaning up in Write mode so everything looks fine. But Dorico seems to play back the original MIDI I imported (which is still there in Play mode) rather than the way I notated it in Write mode. Is there a way to tell Dorico to play as notated and ignore the original MIDI (possibly even including CCs)?

IIRC there is a way to tell Dorico to match the playback to the notated rhythms rather than the MIDI import, but I was unable to find the manual section in a cursory search for “match playback to notation.”

Maybe this quote from Daniel?
“You can do Play > Reset Playback Overrides to remove the played performance of the notes you input in real-time, or those that come from MIDI import.”


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@doricorn Better is to prepare your MIDI in your DAW before you export it (save it with suffix -prepare, for example). I do it in Cubase - just quantize every instrument one by one and look in Cubase Score section how it looks and is it okay. At the end I export MusicXML and then imported in Dorico it is like I need. No problems with playback.