Imported missing files are not in Project folder


I imported some audio-files from a different project (on an external device) into my current one, the option “Copy all files to project folder” is checked, but everytime i restart the project, and the external drive isn’t connected (where the project with the imprted file is on) the imported files are missing.

What’s to do?



How is the On Import Audio Files set up in the Preferences > Editing > Audio, on your side, please?


it’s like that:


How does the Path of the mentioned/affected files look like in Pool, please?

like that


So the files are really located on the external drive.

I’m afraid, you have to delete the files and import them again. Now, the Copy to folder won’t work (from the Missing files dialog), because you don’t import them.


sorry I dont understand your reply, especially “Now, the Copy to folder won’t work (from the Missing files dialog), because you don’t import them.” Shouldn’t it just work? thats why there is the “Copy all files to project folder” option.


Now it cannot work on your side, because you don’t import the data anymore. Cubase informs you about the missing files. Then you set the path of the files. But you don’t import them, therefore the “On Import Audio Files” settings is not applied.

To import them, you have to remove the fies (even from the Pool) in import them back to the project.

but then I’’ do the same procedure as before, when back then the “Copy all files to project folder” box was checked also. Why should it work now?

I found a workaround by “rendering in place” the concerned files…(now they are in the project file) though that shouldnt be the solution once there is that option to import stuff and then having it in the folder. and that cost me 1,5hours of my time I wanted to be creative.

So there’s still the question what happened and how can this be resolved from steinberg?
Thx so for your help.


First, I would test it on a small new project. Does it really work this way?

I’ll try that and will tell.
BUT nonetheless it really should work that way.

You could just drag them into the audio folder, disconnect external drive and then when asked locate in audio folder,

I think the quickest solution is to backup the project including alla audio files (in your case doing it while the external drive is connected and no “missing files” alert is present), then start working again on the newly backed up version.

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That actually could be a solution, but as mentioned before, it should work as the “import options” in Cubase indicate and if it’s about a lot of files, it’s not really practical since it would be a lot of work.
thx anyways! :slight_smile:

Also a solution one could work with.
I found the “Renderin place” thingy the fastest, once I found the missing files.
…but wh the option won’t worklike it’s supposed to, will stay a mistery.