Imported mp3 cut off

Hello, when importing a mp3 file to VL, it get’s truncated. This happened with one specific file so far, but: The file plays fine in VLC and has no problems when opened in Audacity. I even opened in Audacity and exported as mp3 again. The import still got truncated with strange display of the last waveform part. Saving as wav and importing did the trick, but that is not certainly not the way to go.

PS: I’m very disappointed by the overall quality of VST live. Ther are many UI issues as well as lots of bugs, and I have only used it as a backing track manager so far with no VST instruments… I hope that the development continues and fixes all of the problems.

Hi @TheNothingMan

… can you please send me the file to m.spork (at)

I am really sorry …

… then please help us. Can you give us some repro-steps for the bugs? Something like

  • Start VL, new project
  • Select LAYERS Tab, Select first layer
  • and then?

Thank you,

Hello Michael,
I sent an email conatining three different mp3s that all caused problems.

Regarding other issues, for instance tracks that have the same name like files that were already imported, even in different projects, are not actually loaded. Instead the old file is loaded. Consider a backing track named just “Drums” - it will load that file for all future projects that use a file named “Drums”. This may be a feature instead of a bug, but should be pointed out more clearly.

Regarding the UI - I have a Samsung Galaxy Book, with a 12" screen with a resolution of 2160x1440. Using “High resolution” results in a unusable big UI. Unchecking this options is nearly unreadable. I tried different combinations of Windows scaling options, but had no success.

But back to topic - I can open another thread for the UI thing if you need more information on this. Thank you for your help!