Imported samples sound issues

I have some good quality samples imported into Cubase there are some issues.
Firstly, the sound imported was lacking quality I have realised it was import setting issue after adjusting those the sound was fine but at the end of the loop Cubase added pops and clicks at the end of the sample when I copy paste the loop to repeat the section. Also, the samples seem to be off beat even though I have set the project to the same tempo as imported samples. Any idea why is this happening?

I have used the samples in other daw and had no issues like that.

Does the sample start and end at 0dB?

If you’re using third party or user-made loops, it’s possible that they either don’t have a fade at the end of the loop or that they’re not properly cut at a zero crossing. You can add a fade manually by just dragging the handle to the top right of your Audio Event to the left:

However, I strongly suspect that there’s more at play here. I would recommend checking the Metadata for your samples by righting clicking them in the MediaBay, then highlighting “Search for…”. Check the sample rate and the tempo.

Yes, I have not made any changes the clip was just dropped in as is.

Doing the fade at the end fixed it. The thing is I have dropped this sample in another daw and there are no clicks or pops.
Sample rate is the same as the project but no info on tempo.

I have launched an empty template and loaded the sample again and there is no issue. The previous template used was originally created at 48.000 32bit float and than converted to 44.100 24 bit.