Imported track regions are white

I’ve imported some tracks from another project into my current project (they’re VST instrument tracks, and the instruments are loaded and working). When I copy midi regions to those tracks, or even record new midi regions, the regions are white, as if they’re muted. But they actually play and work normally. But the color is stuck as white. Not really sure what I’m missing here, is there a way to color them normally? Is it an indication that something is wrong?

To me it looks like the Parts are the same as the grey Track Color and when the parts are selected the highlighting makes them appear white. Although for me selecting makes it darker, perhaps this is adjustable in Preferences?

If you don’t have any Parts Selected and then change a Track’s color what happens to the Parts on that Track?

Yeah, it looks like the tracks/regions on the imported tracks just defaulted to white. When I change the track color, the region changes color. Also, now the individual regions will change color (I’ve restarted Cubase since posting, so maybe it was a glitch that the regions wouldn’t change color before.)

FYI, on the jargon front the things you are calling regions are actually named MIDI Parts :wink: