Imported velocity and dynamics

I want to add a cresc to some imported midi notes, which have had their velocities preserved. I put a pp < mf on them, but it doesn’t seem to be having any effect. Is there a preference that governs override situations such as this? A quick search of Help using “imported velocity” didn’t come up with anything relevant.

You can remove playback overrides, but it will also affect the micro-timing. It should be under „playback“ somewhere.

If an instrument uses velocity for volume (as most percussion instruments and others such as piano might do) I am not sure but that preserving velocities while changing dynamics would be working at cross purposes.

That’s right, hence the override question. Don’t know if you’re familiar with InDesign, but having set up a paragraph style, you can set character overrides on specific letters or words within the paragraph so that the rest of the text is unaffected.

You can deactivate the new Velocity property for those notes in the Properties panel, which will retain the other playback overrides while removing the explicit velocity values.


Thanks Daniel. That worked fine, although it is a bit fiddly to select the notes without picking up something that causes the velocity option to disappear:

[ctrl+click each note]
[click first note, shift+click last note]

Filters are your friend for this kind of thing: select the passage, then use Edit > Filter > Notes and Chords.

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