Importing 4-channel audio from 360 video files

I can’t seem to import 4-channel audio into Cubase 10 from a 360 video made by the Insta 360 Pro 2 camera.

I know that there are 4 channels of audio encoded somewhere in the file because the Windows 10 inspector recognizes 4 channels of sound, and indeed, the Insta should be recording via 4 microphone capsules. And I realize that it is probably encoded into some Ambisonic B-format, but for a DAW that advertises native support for 360 video or VR production, I’m having a hard time getting recorded material into the session in the first place, albeit encoded.

Importing a video file results in 2 1-channel tracks with sound in them.

I was not the one who recorded the material so I only received the stitched video file, and am still waiting for some raw files as recorded by the camera which may solve the issue, but it seems odd to say the least that a random Windows file inspector sees 4 channels where a specialized DAW recognizes only 2.

Any help would be appreciated, or at least insight into what I can and cannot do with regards to files coming out of a 360 degree video camera.