Importing 8.5 projects breaks comping

When importing old cubase projects from v5 to v8.5 into cubase 11 or 12 the comping breaks.

For example in cubase 8.5 the bottom event would be prioritised unless it was muted or an event above it was selected with the comp tool. Just like in the picture

However in cubase 12 the bottom event would be prioritised whether it was muted or not. Thus in this exampled the circled event won’t play. Cubase 12 will prioritise the muted event at the bottom, which is weird because it won’t play due to being muted.

Can this behaviour be fixed or at least reversed so that my old projects play in C12?

fixed: there is a preference under audio called “treat muted events as deleted”.

Now i’ve got to figure out why C12 won’t connect to the built in audio. feck!

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