Importing a 'Basic Audio CD' file

How can I import an existing ‘Basic Audio CD’ file (.cd) into W11.1 Elements?

I want to do this so that I can learn how this will be displayed as an Audio Montage in W11.

So far (going back to W6), I’ve never used Audio Montage and would much prefer not to have to learn how to use it, but if it can be used in a very simple way I’m prepared to give it a try.

This kind of file was only produced by WaveLab Pro, hence can only be imported from WaveLab Pro 11.

Hi PG,

That does not seem to make sense. I have never owned Wavelab Pro ? or Wavelab Pro 11, but the file ‘Wavelab Basic CD’ dated 03/08/2018 is present on my PC and it contains 4 of my tracks. It also opens perfectly in Wavelab-6 as a Basic Audio CD.

Are you telling me that if I were to upgrade from W11.1-Elements to Wavelab 11 Pro I will be able to import it into W11 Pro?

Naming has changed in the WaveLab history.
Maybe 25 years ago, there was no audio montage and only “Basic Audio CD” (or named “CD Program” if I remember right). But since WaveLab 6 or older, I don’t remember exactly, “Basic Audio CD” was only produced by the pro version, hence can only be imported in the pro version.
“WaveLab 6” was not tagged “Pro” at that time, IIRR. But there was “WaveLab 6 Elements”.


So does that mean that W11.1 Pro has a ‘Basic Audio CD’ mode?

WaveLab 11 Pro can import an old Basic Audio CD to convert it as an Audio Montage.

Thanks PG,

That may be fine - I should therefore be able create Basic Audio CD’s in Wavelab-6 and then Import them into Wavelab-11 for final processing as Audio Montages. I’ll have to test it.