Importing a Dorico xml score with an upbeat bar in Cubase

Hi there,

(I am not sure whether it is a fault of Dorico, but anyway…) Cubase 11 Pro seems to misinterpret upbeat bars when fed with Dorico xml scores, which results not only in the wrong representation of the first bar of the orginal score but some wrong note durations as well. Please take a look at the screenshot in the attachment. Do I need to make some additional adjustments in Dorico for such scores, or do I have to tweak my Cubase settings to enable a flawless import?

Dorico 3.5.11 Pro / Cubase 11 Pro

I believe you’ll need to make a change in Dorico, removing the pick-up bar so that the first bar is complete and begins with an eighth rest, then export the MusicXML again, in order to get the right appearance in Cubase.

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