importing a drum hit

Hi,i am importing a single hi hat hit into a project.but the volume of it is quite is set in the mixer at 0db,but isnt loud enuff.with other things goin on in the mix,it jus dosent come thru loud enuff.
what is the best way of gettin it louder,if i stick the cubase limiter on it,with dance preset it is a good job.but is that the best way,or is there a better way of making it louder?

Turn the rest down…

the rest are down a fair amount

Well, obviously not enough :wink: .

If the actual file is really too low in (recorded) volume, you can use the channel gain, or the event volumes to bring it up pre fader, otherwise it´s as Pixie says.

Audio file? Normalise usually does the job and then bring it down to suit.

But beware of the noise floor…

You could simply use the mixer input gain to boost the volume. (It’s in the routing part of the mixer)

Or you could use the event volume handle as already mentioned, but make sure you’re not overloading your channel (I’m sure you won’t be as hats cut through easily without being anywhere near the volume of other stuff.)

Personally I would avoid using normalise …just seems like an unnecessary processing of any file when there are other realtime options for gain changes.
(Though this is probably me being overly cautious)

WHen file is so low that i usually dont see the waveform i just bring it up by traggin the middle handle on the waveform in sequencer, right on the track.simplest way i know of

In case it hasn´t ben said already:


I would just use the channel gain or event handle :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

thanks folks,some good(prb obvious to most)tips.

Relative to the material that’s always going to be the same ratio any way the level is increased. You can mitigate them with FX though depending on the hihat washiness and spills from other drums yes, you could hit the odd problem.