Importing a guitar track

How do you get a guitar track to line up in a project?
I need to import a guitar solo track into the middle of a project and can’t work out how to do it.
There must be an easier way than spending ages dragging it back and forward to try and get it to line up.

Well it depends on a number of things!

Where did the lead guitar track come from? is it at the same tempo of the track? Does it have a quantise marker embedded in it? … that sort of thing!

Yes it’s exactly the same tempo as the track .
I’m not sure if it has a quantise marker (probably not). It was recorded on Pro Tools 8 if that helps at all.

If I’d exported a file for re-importation into another project, I’d make sure the start of the file was on a bar position.
So the first thing to try is to turn snap on and set to bar, then see if it lines up. if not the next thing to do is to set snap to note, then maybe 8ths. If it doesn’t line up after that, then slap the wrist of whoever exported the file as the only other way is to fiddle about dragging it about till it sort of fits. There may be some visual clues as to where it sits if you’re lucky.

Ok thanks, I will try that.