Importing a MIDI file into Cubase 10.5

Hello Cubase users:

A simple question please. When I import a MIDI file into Cubase 10.5, Cubase nicely builds a complete instrument set using Halion Sonic 3 SE. I would like to be able to import a MIDI file into Cubase without Cubase building an entire instrument set for that file from Halion. How do I do that please?

Thanks so much,


Check the prefernces.

You can also just drag a .mid file from Windows onto an existing MIDI or Instrument Track.

I will check the preferences and try your suggestion. Thanks so much for your suggestions.


An answer to this is to first install an instrument track into Cubase. Then when you drag your midi file in drop it on the instrument track that you put in. Cubase will then do the import the MIDI file based on that instrument rather than Halion Sonic.


You can set Cubase to NOT do the Halion Sonic thing under Pref/Midi file I believe, I uncheck the box here