importing a MIDI file results in a SysEx Data track...

Hi, i’m trying to drag a MIDI file from a sample pack onto a VST instrument track in Cubase Pro 8.5 but for some reason all it’s doing is creating a new MIDI track called SysEx Data which appears to contain a 1 bar long empty event. the actual instrument track i dragged the MIDI file onto is still empty. the MIDI file should be 8 bars long.

i’ve imported a couple of other MIDI files from this sample pack no problem, so any idea what’s going on with this one? it has a .mid extension just like the others…



What happens, if you import the file via menu (File > Import > MIDI File)?

now it adds an instance of Halion Sonic (i had an empty Reaktor track selected when i went to import the MIDI file), and an empty MIDI track (named MIDI), and another MIDI track like before named SysEx Data.

OK, this is your settings in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Import Options > Destination, to add a HALion Sonic SE.

What MIDI data (events) has been inserted to the HALion Sonic SE track?

the Halion Sonic track is completely empty. the only MIDI event visible is the 1-bar long empty event on the track named SysEx Data.

i just went into Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File > Import Options > Destination and changed it to MIDI tracks to see what would happen. now i just get an empty MIDI track and the SysEx Data track with 1-bar empty event in it…


Then it seems, there is no other data in this particular MIDI file.