importing a session

I’m trying to learn Cubase as a new DAW from Reaper. I tried to drag and drop a session into Cubase, actually, not even the entire session but rather the first handful of files to see if it would even allow a drag and drop like Reaper does. It did, however, the first file was a midi tempo track which caused problems.

  1. I can’t drop the tempo track along with audio tracks simultaneously?

  2. It created this weird multi folder system that appears like a rack instrument track with HALion loaded into it from a tempo track? I don’t even understand why it would do this, and to make matters worse I was unable to delete most of that, like I’m stuck with it or I start a new session. I can delete the actual tempo track part but not the HALion folders?

I’ve supplied a screenshot of what I was able to delete and what’s left. the five audio tracks are just those handful of files i drug over, but the VST Instruments folder was not my doing and I can’t make it not happen. I don’t want to hide it because it’s probably eating up CPU with HALion.


To delete the HALion Sonic SE, you have to set the instrument in the VSTi Rack to No Instrument. Then you can delete the folder.

Sorry, I didn’t get, what kind of file did you try to import (drag and drop)?

Btw, the Audio signal doesn’t look very helthy. Isn’t it distorted?