Importing a song from Apple library not working. Help!

Dear everyone thank you for your support.

I searched Google and here in the forum about how to solve this issue but unfortunately I was unsuccessful. Please pardon me if the thread already exists.

I have a UR44, I’m connecting it to my iPad Pro 4th gen with iOS 16.3.1. Via the usb-B to usb-c cable with CC mode enabled.

I own both Cubasis 3 and Cubasis 3 LE. with all the paid features enabled.

I am recording successful using microphones and direct input guitars.

I am trying to import a song from my Apple library but unfortunately I keep receiving this error every time I try to do so:
An error occurred while importing from your Apple Music library.

Any ideas why this error keeps coming ?

Thank you in advance


Hi @Mario_Chahine,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.
There should be no issues importing files from the library. Please give the following steps a try:

  • Go to “Media/Audio/My Audio Files”
  • Tap the “Import” button followed by the “Apple Music” button
  • Choose a track to import via tapping on the “+” button

After a short moment the track should be imported to the “My Audio Files” folder.

In addition, only purchased songs (purchased via iTunes Store) can be imported, not any song that is available via Apple Music. This is an intentional limitation enforced by Apple.

Hope that helps!


Hello Lars and thank you for your welcoming !

I finally understood what happened!

So basically as you said if you have not purchased a song you won’t be able to import it.
I have a monthly subscription to Apple Music but that doesn’t mean that I own the songs.
I went to iTunes Store and looked to the purchased songs I did in the past and tried to redownload it on my iPad and importing it via Cubasis, and voilà! Now it worked !

Thank you very much for your support.

Best regards

Hi @Mario_Chahine,

Thanks for your updated message.
Glad to read that importing the purchased songs seem to work now as expected.

Enjoy being creative
& stay well,

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