importing a .xml file

when I open a .xml file, it is opend with nylon guitar instrument. I’d like the .xml file to be opened with another instrument. it is possible I dorico? many thanks.

You can change the instrument that Dorico has chosen in Setup mode: expand the card corresponding to the player holding the guitar in the Players panel, and you’ll see the little instrument label that says ‘Guitar’ on it. Hover over it and a chevron > will appear: click and a menu will appear. Choose Change Instrument from the menu and away you go.

I’m sorry but I did not manage. I think a few screenshots will be very helpful. thank you.

Please see the attached PDF. You’ll have to unzip it first.
Changing the instrument held by a (72 KB)

I managed to change the instrument, but I want to know if dorico can be set to open a xml file with a vocal instrument from the beginning, not to change later . Now he continues to open xml files with the nylon guitar. My question is: dorico can be set differently? many thanks!

You would need to make sure that your MusicXML file correctly specifies a voice instrument before you import it.