Importing AAF can't find all files on its own

Can we please get this one fixed finally in Nuendo 10?

When I import an AAF with separate audio files, Nuendo always links to about 50% of the files on its own, but claims the rest are all missing ā€“ even though they are not, and are in the exact same folder it found the ones it did in (which is the same folder Iā€™m loading the AAF from.)

See this video for an example.

I make AAFs out of Autodesk Flame (Linux) and bring them into Nuendo and get this every time.

This is an years old bug.
Usually Nuendo cannot find the other leg of a stereo file.

Just select the first missing files and point Nuendo the file location (obviously in the same directory).
Nuendo will correctly load all the missing files.