Importing AAF Results in Degraded Audio Files

Hello all. New Nuendo (11) user here, and I’ve been attempting to import .aaf files from Pro Tools sessions. While all of the audio files seem to be making it into Nuendo, they are all experiencing phase issues as well as various artifacts. Sample rate and bit depth are the same on both Pro Tools and Nuendo. Moving the audio to and from other programs doesn’t result in this issue either. I’ve dug around a bit, and unless I simply missed it (which is possible), I haven’t seen anyone else experiencing this same issue with the audio files. Any tips are appreciated.


ask a friend who has nuendo and try at that computer.
reinstall nuendo ?
if you have N11, install N10 and see (if you have a licence for N11, you can install and run previous versions of nuendo).
ask protools editor to make a backup project (protools, file, save copy in…) it creates new
audio files on disc and can change compatibility modes.
try removing fades on protools timeline
a lot of coffe…