Importing AAF workflow in Nuendo

Hi all,

A colleague of mine experienced some difficulties importing AAF files in Nuendo.
He told me that importing AAF files in Pro Tools is a more efficient workflow than in Nuendo.
We both work in audio post-production for media.

If you import an AAF in Pro Tools he will import empty clips on the timeline with the actual name of the clip, which makes it possible to organize your session already while importing.
You can place the empty clips on the proper track in your template.
This method saves a lot of time on big sessions.
Also, this has a lot of advances, since you import multiple AAFs you can already organize.
After all the clips are imported, and you organized them at the same time the actual audio will be imported, and copies will be made to the session folder.

Nuendo doesn’t give you the possibility to do anything while importing an AAF, which is a bummer.

We both thought of a solution that came out to do it the same way as Pro Tools does haha
because we both think it is more efficient.

What do you guys think of this?

The actual answer is: Get AATranslator ASAP. :slight_smile:

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