Importing ADM files into Cubase 12

Can we have an Import option for ADM master files please? :slight_smile:

Of all the features that came in with the release of C12 the Dolby Atmos was the one that I was really waiting for, and it’s great but… No ADM import? Why?
I use DaVinci Resolve Studio but I know Cubase better and feel more comfortable using it over Resolve. It’s easier for me to work on my audio in Cubase and then import everything into Resolve but there are times that I have to start in Resolve and struggle for the entirety of the project cause there is no way I can import my ADM file into Cubase.
Please Steinberg, just that one option - Import ADM files… Please. :slight_smile:

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Well, that is a Nuendo feature for post production roundtrips. AFAIK the only other relevant DAWs supporting ADM import are the ProTools Ultimate and BMD Resolve - primarily for such post production workflows.

It would be great to be able to share files for collaborations between artist & artist and mixing engineer and artist who are all creating music singles and albums in Atmos.

I work in dolby atmos music, not in video post production, and cubase 12 does not allow me to mastering atmos music productions