Importing Audio crashes Cubase LE A1 Elements 7

I have created a new project, added an audio track, trying to import an audio file and Cubase LE A1 Elements 7 crashes with a report being automatically fired off to Apple.

I have tried this more then half a dozen times with the same results.

What am i doing wrong ?

(forgot to add: Mac OS 10.9.5/iMac/12GB memory)

What type of audio file are you trying to import? Maybe the version of CB you have does not support it.

Look here for more information (see the PDF file for the feature comparison, near the bottom):

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I have paid closer attention to what is going on that leads up to the crash.

The problem in importing the audio file seems to be as follows:

When i try to import a audio file ( .wav) i get swept away to a folder on an external hard drive that i had previously imported a audio file into a project. That file was imported with no problem

Now i have created a new project and want to import a different audio file that is located in a folder on my internal hard drive. When i go to import an audio file i am swept away to the last folder that so happens to be on an external hard drive … When I try “pilot” away from the previous folder to the folder that has the audio file i want to import CB just crashes.

My thoughts here: how do i get CB to forget the previous importing action so that i can start fresh.

Advice and help greatly appreciated.