Importing audio effects

I have some audio effects I would like to import into Cubase (hits, crashes, cymbals and so on…)
How do I import them into Cubase so I can use them in my tracks? I have everything sorted into folders.


Use MediaBay. Locate the folder, where are your samples stored, in the MediaBay, and enable them in the MediaBay. Now, you can see these media files, and drag-and-drop them to any Cubase project.

thanks, I have the folders in mediabay but when I click on them they are empty. All of the audio samples are wav.files so they should show up right. I have used them before in another DAW so they work.


On the left side, of the MediaBay, you cannot see the files. You have to enable it by activating the check mark. Then, the folder will be scanned, and the result appears in the main part of the MediaBay.

If it doesn’t work to you, could you attach a screenshot, please?

Hi I will take a screenshot and post a picture. The check mark in the boxes are white instead of yellow, does that mean something?

I think, white is OK.

here is the screenshot…


Thank you for the screenshot. in the Sub Category Column, there is “Accordion” selected. Could you reset all filters, by using |<< button, please? To make sure, we can see all files in the folder.

That actually solved the problem, what a simple mistake… thank you :slight_smile: