Importing audio files causes lag?

Any one else experiencing this. I imported a MP3 file just one track in a session and its lagging. When I drag the audio event its so delayed its frustrating .I have a session with 40 tracks or so no files imported and cubase is sharp no lag or delay when moving audio events around. Basically it seems that importing audio files causes a delay and none imported files cubase is smooth.


How do you import the file? Via the menu? Or drag-and-drop to the Project window, or to the Pool? Or from the MediaBay?


Hello. I imported through the file menu and I just drag and drop the other.

I’ve did some testing I don’t think it’s from importing audio files. It’s from cubase waveforms. On a laggy session if I turn off show waveform from the preference menu it’s snappy no delay grabbing and moving audio regions around and zooming is snappy too. Hopefully steinberg can look into this problem.

Is it the same for all projects on your system?

No not all projects have this problem. But the ones that do disabling show waveform solves that issue

I cannot reproduce it.

Many have to try. It’s definitely from cubase is waveforms.