Importing audio from video file

I am using Cubase LE8 on a win7 computer.
I want to try something new. I have a video camera that outputs MP4 files. I want to take the audio from this file, add some processing, add some background tracks (background vocals, other instruments etc) that I will record in the normal fashion, master the whole thing down to stereo and then take the new audio track and shove it into the original MP4 file.
So far my attempts to even import the audio from the video file has not worked.
Can someone give me a start here?
I appreciate any assistance that might be offered. Thank you in advance.


I’m not sure about the feature diff in this old version, but it might be that this feature was in Cubase Pro only.

What exactly doesn’t work to you, please? Can you see the menu entry? Where do you stop? What can you see and what you would expect to see?

What happens? Nothing. Exactly that.

I’m in a project. I hit file\import\open video file. The dialog box opens, I pick a video from those available and hit open. The dialog box disappears, like you would expect. Then… nothing. You would think the audio would show up on the project, but nope. Nothing happens.

Hold on. I didn’t notice it before, but the file is tagged “Invalid or not supported file” in a box just below the 'Files of type" selection line. . Yet .MP4 is a supported file type. I would send a screen grab, but don’t see how to attach it.

Could there be a difference in how the MP$ is done? Seems unlikely , since it is a standard.

the other option is “import audio form video file”. Same thing, but this time no “invalid or not supported file”. The dialog box closes, like you would expect, but nothing happens.

As for the feature not being in the LE version, would they not have ghosted the selection out if not supported?



If the file is invalid, then Cubase will not import it.

Yes, there are different types of MP4 file. What codec has been used, please?

From the owner’s manual for the camera (Canon HF R800):
MP4 format
Video: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Audio MPEG-4 AAC-LC (2ch)
I seem to have no option for other output formats.

I went back to check just to make sure it was not just one file. All movies give the same error message.

Would saving the file in a different format be a solution. If so, what format? Is there a preferred program to switch formats?

Well, to get the audio out you can use XMedia Recode to convert it to a WAV file for processing in Cubase.

To replace the original audio with the processed audio used to be easy in Cubase but that function was removed some time ago. I stopped trying to do this in Cubase and now use Vegas for this instead. Even the very cheap MAGIX Vegas Movie Studio will do this easily, but there are plenty of other free and open-source applications out there.