Importing Audio from Video // Importing Video

We occasionally receive films from our customers’ smartphones with the request to restore the voice recording. The files are mp4. (Our job is to restore analogue recordings)
Unfortunately, nothing happens when I import such a film or try to import audio from the film. There is no message and in the best case Nuendo creates an empty track for me.

Is this due to the film format or am I doing something wrong? Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about film.


I get this from my client too… they would just sent me a quick video thru whatsapp for me to extract the audio for short voice over use.
I believe not all MP4 files are compatible for direct import,that is why nothing happens when you drag and drop .
You can check your file with this step :

  1. Create a new video track
  2. Import video file
  3. Select your video file, from there u will know if the file is compatible or not

Screenshot 2024-02-12 104608

Screenshot 2024-02-12 104619

Normally if its not supported, i would convert this video file to WAV (as i only need the audio), before importing to Nuendo.

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I’ve had cases where audio wouldn’t extract from video when importing video but where I could use the separate import audio from video function after video was already imported. Try it if you haven’t.

If you get files with uncommon codecs you can try to recode or extract audio or video with “Handbrake” tool.

Thanks. I tested it using the menu, but neither importing the video nor extracting audio works using the menu function.
I have to take a look at the “Handbrake” tool. Nothing worked the first time. When importing (via the Nuendo menu), it only creates empty tracks. I have to take some time to test it out.

mp4 is only the container (the box) inside it there could be hundreds of codecs and Nuendo supports very few of them.
Sometimes I use MediaInfo ( to check what is inside the video file.

Shutter encoder or RX or audio ease snapper are tour answer. Super quick and easy to import export to a regular wav file.
And if the mp4 doesn’t let you export the audio maybe teach your clients how to record with a smartphone, there are numerous free apps available for all platforms.