Importing Audio in Dorico

Hello, I’m dreaming (I’m not the only one) that one day we will be able to import audio tracks from Cubase into Dorico or vice versa. Thus, we would have 2 software in perfect communication. What do you think?

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In the meantime (as you may already know) you can attach the bounced audio from a single audio track, or a stereo audio file bounce from your DAW to a static video file (in a program like iMovie), and then attach this file as a movie to Dorico. Just make sure you’ve imported into Dorico a MIDI tempo map (or a midi file that encompasses the entire length of your session) from the same DAW session first. I do this all the time and works flawlessly.

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Bonjour, oui bien sûr, j’ai découvert cette méthode très récemment et c’est déjà bien utile mais je pense que ma demande partagée par d’autres utilisateurs des 2 logiciels est ou sera à l’étude chez Steinberg …et après Steinberg sera le roi du monde.
Hello, yes of course, I discovered this method very recently and it is already very useful but I think that my request shared by other users of the 2 software is or will be under study at Steinberg … and after Steinberg will be the king of the world.

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