Importing audio loops, can I match the project BPM?

Hi all,

I just got myself an iPad Air 2 and Cubasis and I was wondering if there is a way to make imported audio files match the beat of a project? For instance, when I have created a Midi beat track and I would like to add an audio loop, for now I have been tinkering with using the minisampler as the only way so far to be able to stretch/ shrink audio files to a sort of correct BPM. I know that VariAudio only is implemented in Cubase, but am I missing something?

I did a quick forum search but nothing showed up, also not in the manual so far (might have missed it though)

Muchas gracias!

Hi VinnieD,

Thanks for your comment.
So far time stretch is not supported with Cubasis, but on our list for the future.


Thank you Lars