Importing Audio

Hi all,

I just got hold of some tracks to practice mixing in Cubase; they were recorded in Protools and they were given to me on a DVD as ‘Broadcast Wave Files’. Of course, when I loaded them into Cubase, every track was at the Zero Marker. Obviously, it will take ages to put all the clips of all 48 tracks into their rightful position.

Is there any information in broadcast wave files, or is there anything I can do, that means I don’t have to do this manually?

If I wanted to save a project to use in a different DAW, what’s the best way to go about it sl the clips come up in the right place in the project?


BW Files usually are timestamped. So instead of inporting them into the project directly, import them into the pool, select them -> right click -> insert into project -> at origin. There is also a 2nd possibility, which doesn´t come to my mind at the moment.

Thanks thinkingcap,
I did as you mentioned and about half of them went to their correct place, and about half went to bar 43201… :confused:

It’s a start at least. I remember seeing something about protools having a ‘consolidate files’ feature that made each track one big clip starting at bar 1, and was wondering whether cubase had something similar.

“Bounce selection”

Bar 43201 :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Thats a long song…