Importing Chords from XML

Hi there, I’m trying to import a Sibelius file that has different chord voicings on a number of instruments - for example, the piano has “Dsus4sus9”, where the electric guitar just needs “D5.” When I import via MusicXML, Dorico is taking the piano chords and treating them as global chords. Is there a way to get around this without manually entering the local chords on the guitar part?

Thank you!

Have you checked the user guide typing “local chords”? Here is what I get…

Thanks Marc, I’m across the local chords concept, let me rephrase: my Sibelius-using colleague has sent me a file with different chord voicings in each instrument. When I import the XML file, into Dorico, Dorico has replaced the alternate chord voicings in the guitar and bass parts, and is using the piano chords as global chords. I suspect I’ll need to type in the alternate voicings as local chords, but I’m wondering if there’s an import setting I might be missing before I do that. Does that make sense?

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Dorico will only import global chord symbols from MusicXML files, so you will indeed need to enter the local chord symbols yourself.

Thanks Daniel, I’ll start on convincing the colleague to swap to Dorico :wink: