Importing chords in Music XML

Relating to the post (start a new thread because this is MusicXML)

I have set the key of a song in Cubase and add a chord track to the chords. I Cubase everything is well notated: right key and right chords (A flat, first chord is D flat).
Export the Cubase as music XML and import into Dorico.

The key of the song and the notes are well notated. The chords are changed enharmonicly now. I have added the MusicXML and the Dorico file in this post. (254 KB)

What happens if you select all, filter chord symbols (so that only chord symbols are selected) and then transpose up by a diminished second?

I’ve looked at the XML file in a plain text editor and this is very clearly a Cubase problem, not a Dorico problem. For some reason all of the notes are shown with flats but all of the chord symbols are listed with sharps.

You should be able to select the chord symbols themselves (you’ll need to use marquee selection for now, so you might find it handy to do this in galley view) and then transpose up by a diminished second in Write > Transpose.

@pianoleo Thanks! I could look self before posting.
@daniel Thanks, I would do that (same) trick.

Ok I see now. I was looking for the chord entry in the XML. I would post this on the Cubase forum.

C 1 major