Importing chords track separately

Is there a way to import only a chords track ( generated in cubase) separately in VST? I see that when exporting a VST project from Cubase the track is created anyway…

… is that a needed workflow? What about to export a Cubase project which contains only the Chord track. Then import it to VST Live. And finally copy the track from the new Song to your destination Song “Mac que nada Fm”


Yes I have been doing something similar … though I thought would be easier and faster to import it straight from the source folder… but if it is too much of an hazard is also ok. I still see some issues (sync) when importing the chords track in VST from a media project… at least in my machine.

… let’s get that fixed first before we are adding another workflow improvement. Maybe you have a small project or step-by-step to reproduce your problem?

Thank you

Sure, let me show you one sync issue I had yesterday
Only exporting a couple of track sin cubase

sync problem in VST

Other issue I come accross is the settings of flat and sharps of one song/project. I change it I save it and when I reopen it my settings are lost.

I’ll zip all projects and files a send a download link to your email so you can check it on your machine

Those are simply preset and not saved or restored.

Thanks, that would be great as the first issue looks strange indeed.

I have imported a new project today (Cubase) and the chords issue is coming up again… this time it runs 1/4 beat behind in the sync. I also see a strange grey layer on the chord channel…cannot get rid of it somehow

Could you remove all other tracks and send the Cubase file so we can check? Thanks!

you mean the .cpr file or the VST export project file?

cpr would be best, then we should be able to reproduce, no?
And how do you import, new project or as Song?

standard procedure to me