importing CMX3600 EDL

I can’t get Nuendo 5.1.1 to import an EDL that was output from FCP. When I go to File>Import>CMX3600 EDL… I then navigate to the folder on the Mac but the EDL is greyed out and I can’t select it to import.

Any ideas why this might be?

Running a brand spanking new Mac Pro, Snow Leopard, etc. Nuendo is simply not recognizing the .EDL file as and EDL to import.

The only thing I can think of is that it is not an EDL, but an OMF or something.
Check the extention, it should be .edl

On my systems, EDL import works just fine.


It is a .EDL. Anyone know if there are some options in FCP that might be causing this issue?

To my opinion, it must be something else.
If the file is greyed out, then this means that the application doesn’t recognise the file by itself; i.e. the extention.

Please send me the .edl, will try here.


Bump. Does anyone here import EDL’s in Nuendo? It is a standard part of post production so I would love to find out why Nuendo 5.1.1 on a Mac won’t even let me select the EDL from the drive.


I have send you a mail,a sking for the .edl.
It was not attached to the PM you send me.
Check you mail.


Thanks Fredo. I just responded to your email and have attached the .edl to it.

Please post back when you guys figure out the issue with this


Hi Matthew,

I received your .edl in good order and had no problems whatsoever to recognize the file and import it.
EDL Import.jpg


So, magically, the EDL worked for me today. I was able to import it just fine. I didn’t change a single thing in any preferences…it just allowed me to view and open it.

Now, my Euphonix MC Control is suddenly not panning the sound in my 5.1 system as it did last week. Go figure. Is it crazy for me to expect an $1800 piece of software aimed at post production to…oh…I don’t know…be able to properly import post production tools like EDL’s and interface properly with the Euphonix controllers?