Importing cropped SVG from Inkscape

I’m not sure if this is a Dorico thing, or an Inkscape thing.

I exported a page from Dorico as an SVG, then opened it in Inkscape and cropped it. I then saved that crop as a different filename, set a graphics frame in Dorico, and tried to import the cropped SVG.

Inexplicably, what got imported was the original SVG. The entire page. Huh? And further… now when I draw any new graphics frame, Dorico automatically loads that full-page SVG into the frame. Even though I’ve deleted the SVG in question.

I know this post is sparse on pics or files, but I’m not really sure what would be helpful to post. The process in Dorico is obviously pretty simple.

Has anyone else had issues (or success) cropping in Inkscape and re-importing to a graphics frame? Thanks!

EDIT: here’s the SVG I’m trying to import.
Unit 4-001 (3.36 KB)

Here’s a screengrab. First I open the cropped file, then try to import it in Dorico…

I tried importing it into a new Dorico file and got the same result. So I’m assuming it’s an Inkscape issue.

Whatever you did in Inkscape was non-destructive. I only know this because the file you’ve uploaded imports into Dorico like this: