Importing cubase 9.5 preferences and all - HELP !

Just installed and run cubase 10.
After checking that all my cubase 9.5 pref are not present in the 10 version, I copied/paste the 9.5 roaming folder content in the 10 roaming folder.

But it is still the same ! No key shortcut, preferences, etc. In the key command window, I tried to open the key command file but it asks for a .key file when the key command file is .xml !!

How can I import all my beloved 9.5 environnement to the new version without loosing 2 days by doing one by one ?

Help ! Thanks !

Ah yes ! I forgot to mention that I already tried to export myu profil in cubase 9.5 and import it in the 10 version without luck.

??? After 2 or 3 cubase 10 launch, all the 9.5 stuff appeared !!! :open_mouth: ???
I’m totally unable to say how that happend. :confused: :unamused:

But… Now, cubase 10 crashes when opening my current project, done with 9.5 ! :smiling_imp:

I must now say that I resolved also that issue : it was the Usamo plugin and after moving the dll file out from the plugin folder, I finally loaded my project ! Even if the first time, after launching completly and tried to configure one of the mix console, cubase disapeared ! :astonished: Let’s try to work, now…

Thank you for your attention ! :mrgreen: