Importing Cubase Expression maps

So I’ve been playing around with expression maps for VSL instruments. It seems to work mostly, but I am not getting the correct settings for the VolumeType from the expression map files. It is always ends up set to Note Velocity rather than CC number. And For VSL instruments the CC number is usually 11 for this parameter. It’s easy enough to set this manually (although there are gobs and gobs of articulations that need to be changed). And there doesn’t seem to be a way to store an edited expression map. If there is, I don’t see it.

But I was wondering if Dorico is just misreading this parameter or ignoring it. Either that or that parameter is not defined in any of the VSL expression maps. Perusing the expression map xml files, I am unable to see where this is defined so maybe it is just missing.

When looking at the Dorico ExpressionmapDefinition.xml file. It’s obvious how this works, but the format is different. So is it the case that Dorico can’t read this parameter from a Cubase expression map. Is it just not defined for Cubase?

And how does one save an edited expression map other than as part of the score? If we can store an edited file in Dorico format then we can do global substitution to edit this field easily.

You can export the expression maps selected in the left-hand list in the Expression Maps editor in an XML format by clicking ‘Export Library’, and then import them back into another project by clicking ‘Import Library’.

Thanks. I had just figured that out. The term library threw me off initially.

VolumeType is not a relevant parameter in a DAW, as that information is living in controller lanes and doesn’t have to be generated by the application.