Importing cubasis files into Al using UR 44

Hi , I was able to import at CBT file that is a cubasis file into the Cubase Al using the new file importer download for the Al product. That worked. Problem is that the cbt file from cubasis imported into the Cubase Al has no content and the file locator prompt doesn’t seem to remedy the problem either. The files imported as cbt consist of one vocal tract in Vocal live App for IPAD and the other is a wav file as part of the imported package from cubasis.

Am I doing something wrong in creating or naming the files in cubasis ?

The other issue is that in order to use the IPAD you have to connect the pad to the UR44 using the camera connection kit. Not an issue other than when you unplug the usb from the computer to then connect to IPAD you lose your connection and the UR44 then doesn’t want to work with “no driver” . this is not useful .Again is there a way around this ? Are there settings here that need to be set perhaps ? Any direction appreciated thank you. rockerin