Importing Cubasis project on cubase is not normal,, help me!

A problem : When I try to open cubasis project through importer on cubase, nothing happens.

*My Desktop : Cubase pro 11 & Win 64bit

The efforts I tried

  1. I re-installed cubase pro 11.
  2. I re-installed cubasis project importer(64bit).
  3. I installed cubase pro 10.5 after removing pro 11.
  4. I installed cubase pro 10 after removing pro 10.5.
  5. I installed cubase Element 10 after removing pro 10.
  6. I re-installed cubasis project importer(64bit)
  7. I re-installed the programs after removing pro 10 and everything related to the audio interface .
  8. I re-installed cubasis project importer(64bit)

★ I can open cbp files with my laptop. so, this problem is not about cbp files.

  • My laptop : Cubase Element 10 & Win 64bit

Hi @Primarydh,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

If possible, please upload the project via Dropbox or similar and let me have the download link via private message (include the correspondence here too), to allow our engineers to further evaluate the topic.

Thank you
& stay well,

대용량 첨부파일 1개(88MB) 대용량 첨부 파일은 30일간 보관 / 100회까지 다운로드 가능

PC저장 네이버 MYBOX 88MB

다운로드 기간: 2021/10/13 ~ 2021/11/12

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Thank you for replying!

The project is a demo file that was included when installing Cubase.

It is named ‘Smear’.

Not only this project, but any other project has the same problem.

I think it seems to be a problem with my Cubase, not with the project.

I’ll wait for a good solution.

Thank you



Hi David,

Thank you for the download link to the project, which I’ve forwarded to the team.


대용량 첨부파일 1개(14MB) 대용량 첨부 파일은 30일간 보관 / 100회까지 다운로드 가능

PC저장 네이버 MYBOX Cubasis project importer problem.mp4 14MB

다운로드 기간: 2021/10/14 ~ 2021/11/13

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Hi Lars,

Thank you for your good communication.

Please forward this attached video to your team as well.

This video shows what the problem is.



Hi David,

Thanks for your updated message, which has been shared with our engineers.