Importing Dorico Scores

Hello, I am a beginner to Cubase Pro
I am using Dorico Pro
I want to compose each track separately in Dorico Pro mostly
and want to import them separately into each different VST instrument track

What is the best way to do this?

Thank you and have a nice weekend


Export/Import MIDI file or Music XML, please.

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Hello, Martin
Thank you for your comment

However, when I imported Dorico xml file into Cubase Pro
Cubase created totally a new track
But I want to import xml into a designated VST instrument track (which has proper instrument setting)

How can I do this? Please help me, Martin


Then either you have to drag and drop the MIDI Parts from the new tracks to the already existing Instrument tracks, or you would need to save the new project and then import from this new project to the one with the instruments and set the tracks in the Import Options dialog (which seems to be even longer and more complicated).

You don’t have this Import Options dialog for the MIDI/Music XML import.

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Hello, Martin
I think you mean that I should use menu File → Import → Tracks from Project …
or use drag and drop

OK, I understand what you mean and I will try as you guided

And, by the way, Martin

May I ask one another question?

I saved my Dorico score as xml file and imported it into Cubase
I found the score got broken, that is, some notes are missing

Do you have any idea why this happens?

Have a nice day, Martin


I have no idea and that should definitely not happen. Would you be willing to share the example? Just one (corrupted) part/track or just a few problematic bars, please.

Exactly. Thank you for simplification and understanding my poor English language.

Hello, Martin

Here I attached the broken part
These notes got messed up, which are not identical to the original

Are you quantizing to too large a duration, or too small a duration?
Without seeing the original, it may be hard to tell. What does the music look like in Dorico vs. Cubase Score?


Could you pease attach screenshot from Dorico and the same Bars from Cubase?

Have you read the “cubase score manual” chapter “Working with MusicXML”? It may say something about why importing xml-files from Dorico is difficult, and why it’s beeing corrupted. It’s a lot of layout features that’s not supported in the same way in Cubase and Dorico, like ties, dots and beems. Cubase and Dorico handles xml-format in somewhat different ways.
I’m no expert so this is just a hint: read the chapter!

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From my point of view, if you are more interested in the MIDI data, use the MIDI file Export/Import. If you are more interested in the scoring, use the Music XML, please.

Thank all of you for your help
These two images are the original in Dorico



Try to set the Display Quantize to 1/16 in Cubase, please.

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Hello, Martin

OK, I understand.

Then why can’t Cubase recognize such easy scores, which don’t have 32th notes ?


Cubase doesn’t do any kind of decision Dorico does. It’s to the user to set it up.

Thank you, Martin
Have a nice weekend and see you, Martin

Also, thank Jon
I will read the manuals