Importing Downloaded Files Into Steinberg Download Assistant

Hi guys,

I just formatted my PC but managed to save the Steinberg Download Assistant Folder. Is there a way to import the files directly on the Assistant or i have to download everything again?


You don’t have to import them to the Steinberg Download Assistant. You can install directly from the folder (installers).

Oh okay. So, to sync them with the Download Assistant do i need to copy them into the new Steinberg Download folder?

That would work.

What I do is attach a USB drive and point SDA to that. This enables me to use the same USB drive if I want to install or update multiple computers. You just need to make sure the USB drive is mapped to the same drive letter on each machine. It’s also a neat way of preserving older installers in case you need to go back a version.

That sounds like a very convenient way of preserving and accessing your downloaded softwares.