Importing drum parts from cubase into dorico

I’ve been spending a long time trying to get a decent looking drumpart in Dorico.
So far I found out, that xml doesn’t work great, and my best bet is midi (am I missing something ? )
Unfortunately I can’t import a midi file into the current flow - it always create a new flow even when dragging the part directly into Dorico from Cubase (again - am I missing something ? )
But - if I copy the part from the new 2. flow:

into the first flow I get this:

Since there’s no option to use “force duration” when copying what else can be done ?
OR - is there another easier way to get a drum part from Cubase into Dorico ? :thinking:
Thank’s in advance :slight_smile:

Go to Notation Options > Percussion, select the first flow in the right panel and then (for the top option in the Percussion section of Notation Options) select Truncate to Shortest Duration. Then Apply and close.

This is a visual sticking plaster; it’s not really a solution to the underlying problem, which is that the MIDI you’re importing is suboptimal. Hopefully someone else can tell you why.

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