Importing dual mono to stereo

Hi I have two folders of files that I need to convert some dual mono to stereo. In one folder if I select both files and drag into W10 it converts them.

The other folder is producing two separate mono files when I open.

Is there a reason for this or way to force a stereo combine?

I see I can create a stereo file first and then drag into that and it works. But it’s a bit quicker to do without when it works.

Please explain more what you mean.

Note that when you want to mass convert dual mono files, you can use the Batch Processor.


What is the file name for dual mono files ?

regards S-EH

Hi thanks. I mean dragging two mono files from Explorer into Wavelab. For some of them it automatically pairs them into a new Stereo wav.

For other others I loads them as single dual mono wavs.

Thanks, I figured it out. The files that didn’t work were numbered sequentially.

Like: 1_synth_L, 2_synth_R.

Removing the numbers and underscore fixed the issue.

Like Philippe (PG1) says: you don’t need to open in WL, just running the batch processor can convert these files from dual mono to stereo.

Isn’t that more steps though than just dragging?

Well, for one stereo file result it may be, but if you have multiple files you can save a lot of time by setting it up right and let it run while you have a coffee…

Thanks understand, in my case I only needed a few so the manual option was best.