Importing DVD-video

I’m about to start a huge restoration project, cleaning up audio on a library of non-commercially produced DVDs. Can Wavelab import (unprotected) DVD-video audio tracks? I’d love to do this within Wavelab, without having to rip/mux/demux/reassemble/etc/etc. The alternative is of course to do the whole thing in Premiere, using VSTs, but then I wouldn’t be able to use the nice Sonnox plugins (and I don’t really care for Premiere’s workflow).

Is this at all possible in WL? Being able to do this without jumping through hoops will also save the client some money :mrgreen:


You can’t do that in wavelab. But you could process the tracks extracted by a dedicated software, of course.

Yep, I’ve been planning a course of attack on this, and come to the conclusion that extract/process/re-attach is the way forward. Premiere’s handling of VSTs and audio processing is …not exactly workflow-enhancing, and despite its integration with Audition being interesting, I don’t really like either of them.

Has anybody got any suggestions for good (and free, perhaps?) un-dub/dub (ala VirtualDub) tools? Or- perhaps this is a feature for WL8? :smiley:

(60 hours of footage to clean up. I actually look forward to it…)


This is simply not going to be easy at all unless you have access to some specialized tools that are very far from being free.
First task will be to demultiplex the VOB files into Audio & Video elementary streams (M2V and most likely AC3, but you may get lucky & see LPCM - hope you do as AC3 is not worth “restoring” unless they are desperate.
This can be done in freeware - DVDDecrypter in IFO mode with stream processing set to ON.
You’ll need to set correct demux flags or you;ll end up with raw PCM instead of PCM as we know it.
I can give you these easily enough too.

Your biggest headache will be the re-authoring with your tweaked assets.
The way we would do it is to launch DVD Reauthor Pro 4, and analyze the disc which gets demuxed into all components & dropped to HDD as a Scenarist Scenario. Very cool, and very fast to reauthor from this.
You can change literally anything - and I know of no freeware that can do this.