Importing EWQL files into Cubase 6


I am new to Cubase and I wanted to import East West Quantum Leap files into Cubase 6 to start composing.

I can get the VST instruments that come with Cubase to work and record, but am having troubles importing the samples from EWQL to use.

Anyone done this and can guide me through step by step please?

Thank you!


I haven’t installed Cubase 6 yet (it arrived yesterday) but think I can help you. You dont “import” EWQL files into Cubase actually. If you have an EWQL package ( I have several), it will create a .dll file (when the package is installed on your PC) that should be stored in the VST folder on your PC.

When Cubase starts up it scans all of the files in the VST folder so it knows what vst plug’s and instruments you have. They will then show up in Cubase.
Look in the book for something that talks about VST folder(s), creating new VST folders, scanning VST folders etc…

You’ll need the .dll file that EWQL creates when it is installed and you’ll need to know where your Cubase VST folder is. Put the EWQL .dll file in that VST folder and Cubase should find it when t starts up.

Thank you Karl.

That was a massive help. Have not got to it yet (been too busy) but it sounds like it should work. Have seen the .dll files so I know what you are talking about.

Thank you. Shall let you know how it goes.



Do you know which folder in Cubase 6 actually stores all the sound files? I need to move some of the files from EWQL there to be recognised. Any ideas again please?


I’m not sure that I understand what’s happening. As I recall, EWQL will create a folder structure for all of it’s sample files and instrument/multi patches. These normally wont be created in the Cubase folder but, rather, in their own EWQL folder tree.

The only thing that needs to go into a Cubase folder is the .dll file.

When you say that EWQL is not see’ing some “sound files” what exactly do you mean? What kind of error indication are you getting?

Hi Karl.

With Cubase 6, you can load its VST’s that come with it and they work fine. What I need to is get Cubase to recognise the VST’s from EWQL packages.

In order for Cubase to do that, I have to put them in a folder within the Cubase 6 program (just like it has VST folders for its own VST’s).

Does that make more sense or am I confusing you?