Importing/exporting midi file problem


I want to export a short midifile, to be able to use it as a groove in NI abbey road drums.
I export the midifile from cubase, but when I import it again into cubase through Kontakt 5, I notice that the rhytm is the same, but the beats end up on different drum pieces? I used brushes on snare and snare brush swish, but when I import it the beats are on snare rimshot and snare sidestick?

Anyone have an idea what is causing this?


Import to Cubase (Not via Kontakt) and see if the new file has exactly the same notes as the old one.

Hmm, I exported the midfile now to my computer. And imported it directly into cubase as you said, and now its the correct notes. The last time I created a folder in abbey road library -> midi files (where the grooves that comes with the program are), and exported the midi-file from cubase to that folder. And that seems to be the reason that the midifile gets all wrong. I wonder why this happens. There must be some way to make own drum grooves that I can load from kontakt, abbey road vintage drums. :S

So what happens if you just place this correct midi file in the kontakt folder?