Importing flow changes instruments, adds a "2"

In a suite, the first movement and the last are the similar. I exported the first flow, imported it to be the last, and now all the instruments have a 2 attached. Instead of Piano, it is Piano 2 etc. Can get rid of the 2?

When you imported the last flow, there’s a window asking whether you want to use existing players or create new players. I think you chose the latter, while the first choice should have given you full satisfaction…

aha. Is there a way to change players back to first players now that I’ve edited the imported flow?

Well… Yes.
In setup mode, select the last flow, tick all the instruments from the first flow. In write mode, galley view, last flow, select the content of each instrument, cut-paste into its corresponding first-flow-instrument. Quite un-interesting task, but it works. Then, of course, back in Setup mode, select all the "new instruments " from the left list and delete.

ok thank you. That works, although now the instruments have a “1” attached LOL. It’s no big deal. I appreciate your time!

Actually, when you delete the duplicates, the names should revert to unnumbered…

Would duplicate flow have been another way to create the second, similar flow? My expectation is that one could edit the second flow without changes propagating back to the original.