Importing Flows Question

I have only just realised the benefit of Flows (being very new to Dorico), I didn’t really understand them before, so I’m creating a simple song book and using the flows for each song within the Project called ‘Song book’. Having already created the songs as individual Projects I need to import them into my main Song book project. I use the option Import Flows, but when I do if the imported flow has chord symbols they appear greyed out with a light green background

What is the reason for this and how can I re-establish the normal chord symbols


It sounds as if you are getting signposts for the chords instead of the chords themselves. Is it possible that the settings on the document you are importing into are overriding those from the flows you are importing?

It sounds like the chord symbols are simply not shown for that player having imported the flow. See here.

You were both right the chords were somehow hidden in Players Chord options menu and that caused the signpost to show.

Anyway now unhidden and the signpost turned off - many thanks for your help.