Importing flows with drum kits and merging players where possible

I have been working on a project this morning in which I imported numerous flows into a composite score, each time asking the import to use existing instruments when possible.

Nevertheless, I have ended up with about six drum parts in the composite score. My former solution was to drag all the drum instruments into a single player, pull the Player containing all the parts into Galley view, and then copy/paste each part into the Drum Set 1 staff.

But I am finding some of the flows do not even show the staff for Drum Set 1 in Galley view. Deciding to therefore copy everything into Drum Set 2 instead, I find that some flows do not include that staff.

What has occurred or what have I done that I cannot see all the drum set staves in each flow of the drum part. In setup the Player has been checked for each flow and the combined layout. I am stumped.

I’ve moved this post to a new thread, since it seems distinct from the original poster’s issue.

My guess would be that the actual drum kits used in each flow differ – perhaps you could check whether you have added or removed any instruments to the drum kits in any of the flows?

I’m pretty sure the kits do differ, since each flow has taken a long and winding road to reach this stage. Still, I am just puzzled that a staff held by a player would not even appear in galley view for the instruments. I suppose I could cross my fingers and see if any of the various drum staves appear in all flows and then drag everything to that.

I’m not necessarily asking for anything to change, just wondering why this may be happening so I can work around it.


(The Dorico doc is huge, and I’m not sure a portion of it would help. Although the example here has two drum variants, an earlier version had as many as six.)

And thank you, Daniel, for having taken the time to weigh in on this.